The job market for this field completely dropped, as no companies can afford to keep/hire their employees. I was wondering what the good colleges in Ontario are for computer science. I live in Toronto. I was wondering what the good colleges in Ontario are for computer science. FYI, you can tailor your job search after to working at companies that do sports-related insurance and still be able to work in an area you're interested/knowledgeable in. I want to eventually get to university but I can't afford that route yet so wanna get a diploma, work a couple years and then finish my degree. If you have zero network, no employable skills, you're going to find yourself at best as a low end coordinator. The school is known for its state-of-the-art facilities and impressive collection of game-changing research. +1 for ABA and BCBA career path. St. Lawrence College 2 Belmont Street Cornwall, ON K6H 4Z1. Medical radiation technologist (Xray tech) jobs are also high in demand, high paying, and extremely interesting. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. A sociology degree will serve OP very well, and the job market is good and likely will continue to be steady in the future as more people become aware of the sheer utility of behavioural therapies over conventional approaches. I'm in K-W where the money isn't as good as in Toronto but my short commute makes up for that. I live in BC right now. I was a business degree with HR university concentration that built a network from the ground up and got promoted within a large corporation, I'm just speaking from experience. I had multiple job offers at the end of my college program and in the past 4 years I've had recruiters trying to headhunt me on LinkedIn constantly. With so many schools in the country, it's hard to know if you are actually going to the best of the best. But what I was wondering specifically was which programs would help me get a job without straying too far from a university curriculum as I'd like to transfer credits and complete a degree at some point. 4. UNIVERSITY OF ONTARIO INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY. I got to SFU right now but I can no longer afford tuition here. Press J to jump to the feed. I was actually looking into Insurance programs, as I did a joint program during my undergrad that focused on rehabilitation and vocational placement. I'm running out of time because I want to start in January of 2019. A subreddit to discuss all the news and events taking place in the province of Ontario, Canada. If you finish an HR degree you're still borderline useless to employers because, well, you're pretty much useless, no one needs textbook knowledge in a business and never will. I suspect that institution and program level results exist somewhere, but employment rates for program areas is available on the mtcu website, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. I worked hard but at the end of the day, right place, right time from my hard work got me to where I am. I have no problem working hard. They go on to say though that this education premium is dropping somewhat. This year, Maclean’s has ranked the best universities in 10 program areas—including education. Computer Science is not taught in Ontario colleges, it would just be programming. Based on the postings I've seen, you can find a job almost anywhere. Out of those applicants, just over 72,000 were accepted. 1. So I've been looking and have seen that Ontario colleges are somewhat cheaper and I know that UofT and Waterloo are among the best computer science schools in the country and I would love the opportunity to transfer there at some later point. There's like 3 colleges here that offer a proper computer program but of them, only one, BCIT stands an actual chance of making you employable as from the people I've talked to, employers don't even take a look at a diploma from the other institutions when submitting resumes. Oshawa; Students: 2,700 Cost: $8,500; UOIT offers unique science and technology programs, such as … Too few students are graduating from programs that employees value highly. Is it a lot of sales work? I have no stats to back this. I'm currently in a post-grad autism and behavioral science program...after completing a B.A in psych at York. Ontario College of Health and Technology 1040 South Service Road Stoney Creek, ON L8E 6G3. No matter what program you choose in the end, with careful budgeting, planning and hard work, you can find success ... and become registered with your province’s college. Ontario college anesthesia programs prepare students to work in multiple departments in hospitals, including intensive care, post-operative care and delivery. Best Colleges & Universities in Toronto, ON. Trillium College Burlington Campus 760 Brant Street, Unit #5 Burlington, ON L7R 4B7. Offers payment plans “Driviology Smart Driving School ” more. Master's in electrical engineering programs typically require 30-33 credits. Your 3 current ideas are not the most lucrative fields at all, and in fact are incredibly challenging and inefficient on an effort/payout ratio. Each college brings their own unique culture, style and specialty programs to enhance the experience of the U of T student life. As one of the most historical colleges on campus, the halls of old Vic, Emmanuel College, and Burwash residence have been graced by some of the most prominent figures in Canadian culture. Program also sets you up to take some additional courses/challenge exams that would allow you to work as ultrasound/MRI/CT tech or in nuclear medicine/radiation therapy. Queen’s Commerce program is also one of the hardest business programs to get into, but has a nine percent acceptance rate compared to UBC BCom’s six percent. With quality post-secondary programs in different fields of study, Ontario is home to some of the best colleges in Canada. I think these are only a year long, but you would be more limited and in terms of job prospects. University of Toronto. Some programs offered by Ontario colleges are considered highly competitive, which means that there are more qualified applicants for the program than there are seats available for the fall start date. 1. Find Business Universities in Canada by clicking here. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Don’t let the naysayers who pronounced teaching jobs unattainable get you down. via @uofwaterloo. Mechanical engineering tech programs at Ontario colleges give students a combination of skills training and theoretical knowledge in the mechanical industry to prepare them for multi-faceted careers in the field. I have a University degree in Sociology - please spare me the "useless degree" spiel. Engineering technologists are in high demand currently. To touch on HR a bit, remember that you're not going to school and coming out as an HR professional, you're literally not even coming out educated in HR in any meaningful capacity. I'd consider a Medical Laboratory Technology program. The Ivy league of Canadian Colleges; the best in Canada. International Research Linkages – Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada, DFAIT ; The International Council for Canadian Studies from the Government of Canada funds gives scholarships worth $ 10,000. As well, they must have their vocational programs approved by the Superintendent of Private Career Colleges. A subreddit to discuss all the news and events taking place in the province of Ontario, Canada. Confirming registration. Someone has to sell it. If you are, then good work! Currently in my masters for HR, people out of this program usually start in the 55 - 60k range and everyone that wanted a job seemed to get one. For computer programming, I wouldn't expect there to be a significant difference in the overall quality of education between the experience at different Ontario colleges. By Josh Dehaas April 15, 2014. Ideally, I want to be in and out in a year and employed immediately after or through the optional co-op. I'm not interested in trades because of the long-term, physical damage, done to your body. Press J to jump to the feed. Wage is decent too. The Government of Canada projects a shortage of pharmacists until at least 2024, so employment opportunities are high. 3. universityofvictoria. Some people started as high as 80k in consulting gigs, which took around quarter of the class. This is a pre-apprenticeship program designed to give students a foundation of technical knowledge, as well as a competitive edge when applying for apprenticeships. I'm losing my marbles here trying to decide on a college program. Students and professionals have the option of enrolling in programs from diploma to post-graduate courses. Sociology is a great jumping point for an ABA therapist, and with more schooling could be a BCBA. Few if any programs at few if any Ontario colleges and universities "set you up fair" for the real world experience, be it in Computer Science or any other discipline. Humber College. Some schools offer joint bachelor's-master's programs that allow students to graduate with both degrees in five years. Seneca: HR management (short program length, demand for positions, the most "boring" path out of the 3, optional co-op). Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Any advice would be appreciated. In order to be considered for admission into these programs, applicants MUST apply on or before the Equal Consideration Date (February 1). Ryerson University. I'm losing my marbles here trying to decide on a college program. Get a degree sure but it's just the icing on the cake in those fields. Full-time students can graduate in one year, but most programs take two to three years to complete. Software engineering - gaming (gaming is another passion, only engineering I know is Civil, optional co-op). All. Several of my peers have as well. In Ontario, private career colleges that offer vocational program must, by law, be registered under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005. I'm running out of time because I want to start in January of 2019. Centennial College. Salaries may depend on your healthcare experience and education level. Unfortunately for me... the Ford government totally over-hauled the autism funding in Ontario around February, when I was basically 75% done my program.

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