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Every product we produce is shipped in flat packages, making shipping and transporting your product easier and more convenient for the end user. The system includes a Aluminum Walkway System that ensures users are safely away from the edge of the roof when they exit. Roof Access Ladder, steel. Safe access to a roof for maintenance, daily use or fire egress is very important. BUYER MUST BRING HELP to load items. Description: Installation of multiple Katt Access Ladders to provide vertical access support to the maintenance staff tending to the stadium lighting and speaker systems. Our modular ladder access system is constructed using high-grade aluminum, incorporating a profiled rung design with size and spacing meeting ladder codes and regulations. Our products come fully equipped with all the componentry required for assembly as well as an installation manual. These custom interior or exterior roof access ladders are designed for maximum climbing comfort and user safety. Description: Installation of a Ladder down to compensate for the distance between the varying roof heights to allow personnel to better access the rooftop on the central building at the YVR Airport. Designed with the user in mind, the stair ladder creates safe access to varying rooftop levels, roof hatches and elevated platforms or walkways. 5 0 obj %%Invocation: path/gs -P- -dSAFER -dCompatibilityLevel=1.4 -q -P- -dNOPAUSE -dBATCH -sDEVICE=pdfwrite -sstdout=? The 7003 Series fixed access ladder with lead-on handrails is ideally suited to high roofs without a parapet. Use a roof access ladder with a return when traversing walls, obstacles, or tall parapets. Ladder is in excellent shape, it was removed from a school in district that was closed. We have engineered our Access Ladders with a grated tread that provides optimal conditions for climbing in all weather without the fear of slipping. stream This allows us to get the product to you faster by eliminating steps through the manufacturing process and ensuring every order is accurate to the end-user. Consider your daily tasks on the job site – do you need access to the roof, a means to scale the roof itself, or an elevated ladder beside the home that can double as a mini … image/vnd.dwg download: DWG view: PDF 562 C Roof Return Security Door. How to Choose an Attic Ladder. Our fixed Aluminum Access Ladders are manufactured at our own facility and are made to order. x��] �E�n,@Qq��S�kh��K����сpp`�9t����� �aqxoD�u]D��7����ʪ�Fz+��:�#�?���?�ˬ�jI���o٤H�$Z1%R�����0�G��E�a{��fE{VFJ#��hME�:���S6)�=e�螤i�8���Q�����MM�$��f0��#24�'Nj��S}#�R�]lqL�J�BD�"����� .P�-)qΤ'a��ĩ�K"�=n�/����QE���F���5#Ž�{O����X�䒖��=�l��������?v�u�Gk'{���5ѕ���}�/�{�@��M���k��XM?2{���������}wΧo,���۾ٵ㭍���m,9�/W�\0+ҫ$JEE��=��:�)棿-=����'���?,��Zכ���̜�מ|۬�jy�C�:���(��~��~���{V���O�5��[�QE;�Nܐ�ts�M�]0;-p�u�[>�[���t�D[4���>y��>WtObߨ%���o���Ց[��n�y���J�z����v4�4"�cZnu���ZR�F���j���ѩ�w{vv��ۛN�t!~�c�ya�����ס����ڿ���X?��V+����ᜲ��+����dk=վ�6���k Looking for safety compliant work platforms built to shorten lead time and get the most out of your team? Your roof access ladder supplier should be able to provide a custom ladder that not only fits but your space, but is made to last. Our modular steel ladder has FB stringers with 25mm solid bar rungs up to 20 ft without cages and it will have cages where the ladder is higher than 20ft. Choose from the available links below to quickly download our files directly to your computer! FAKRO attic ladders are pre-assembled and include the frame, hardware, and ladder, and are ready to install. Applications include service platforms, roof decks and other maintenance areas where frequent access is required by personnel. Which means they will not rust due to weather or the effects of time and do not appear to age so your building looks updated and fresh for years to come. A wide range of roof ladders, cat ladders, specialist roof access systems, conservatory ladders and roof accessories including single section, double section and extension pieces from manufacturers Lyte, Werner and Bratts Ladders. Skylights Accessories Roof Access Windows Flashings Flat Roofs Access DXW & DRF Attic Ladders Accessories Catalogues and brochures. (3) An employer or contractor shall ensure that each worker who handles or uses a portable ladder is instructed in the requirements of this section. § On a roof access ladder, just under the roof hatch, where it can be anticipated that workers encumbered with tools and/or supplies need to unlock a roof hatch, a rest or landing platform should be provided. Our type s roof hatch features a counter-balanced cover design for easy one-hand operation and fully gasketed and insulated construction for weather resistance. ITEMS ARE SOLD AS IS. Rest platforms (per section 1.2. Engineered Fall Protection is a manufacturer and distributor for fixed access ladder systems serving clients from coast to coast, Canada, Mexico and especially focused in the states of Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Arkansas, Mississippi, Nebraska, Tennessee, Kentucky, Iowa, Oklahoma, Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, and Florida. This was also installed in conjunction with Non-penetrating Guardrail to ensure all-around safe passage on the roof. Ladder rungs are made with 18"W x 3/4" diameter solid steel and are spaced 12" apart. Custom-made ladder brackets are also available to fit unusual wall surfaces or configurations. Description: This fixed access ladder with D-Grab Bars was installed onto a rooftop to provide additional access to the utility & storage unit. OSHA and ANSI compliant, this system provides the ultimate protection for personnel accessing the roof and gives continuous coverage throughout the working area on the rooftop. Use a roof access ladder with a return when traversing walls, obstacles, or tall parapets. %�쏢 (b), above) may be … Roof ladder hooks are a great way to keep you stable while working up near your roof. This fixed Roof Access Ladder is available with a safety ladder cage, to protect the user while climbing and meets Canadian ladder cage codes. JOMY is the ideal partner for different types of stairs, ladders or other custom solutions for safe roof access. Our ladders are constructed of aluminum, making them durable enough to outlast Canadian seasons and easily adjustable to suit your needs directly on site. -P- -dSAFER -dCompatibilityLevel=1.4 -dAutoRotatePages=/None -dPDFSETTINGS=/ebook -dDetectDuplicateImages=true ... Access roofs, commercial attics, … ����Dm�t��� ��wCw�.�M�➃���xP͘��eS+k�@����8m��)� Request it Here. Take a look at our award-winning Walkable Skylight DXW. The modular ladder is engineered and easy to assemble and erected on site. Do you need some more information? Access ladder fall protection Access ladder for going up or down a roof over 10‘ inevitably place you in a risky position as described in all standards. Roof Access Ladders. If you’re looking for help around the kitchen or other areas of your home, consider purchasing a kitchen helper stool or folding step stool to help you reach cupboards, on top of the fridge or anywhere else you need. All sales are final. This provides additional grip preventing users from potential slipping due to inclement weather. Description: Installation of an exterior roof access ladder to provide safe access to all roof-top units for maintenance personnel. This ladder features outside slide guides, D-shape rungs fully serrated for a slip resistant surface, mar resistant rail end caps, rope and pulley, and swivel safety shoes to be used as tread down or in spike position. The VSS Compact Access Ladder Guardrail protects you of 10′ on each side of the access ladder and creates a traffic corridor leading to the center of the roof. permanent access ladders are built to our customer specifications and can be easily adapted to suit multiple environments. Our fixed wall ladders applications include: permanent access to elevated areas and roofs for maintenance, safe access between varying roof levels, entry into ceiling spaces and machinery platforms for plant and equipment maintenance. This product ships quickly whether you work in Vancouver, Toronto, or Halifax. © 2021 Skyline Group. ? The 7001 Series access ladder ensures a high level of safety and confidence for personnel accessing roof-tops, ceiling spaces and maintenance platforms. All welded steel access ladders have sturdy 2-1/2" x 3/8" flat steel side rails and 7" stand off brackets. We fabricate both exterior-attached, and interior (requiring an access hatch) ladders for commercial buildings roof access. Our steel roof access ladders are custom made to fit your building. Applications include roof hatch ladders providing hatch access, access to mezzanines, ceiling spaces, and roof areas. Roof Access Ladders provide convenient and safe vertical climbing access to rooftop HVAC units, security cameras, hatch openings and walkways, as well as access to mezzanines and loading docks. The steel ships ladder is a non-penetrating freestanding ladder system that will not impact the roofing membrane saving installation time and potential future rooftop leaking issues. One of the first factors to consider when choosing an attic ladder is the rough opening. Ladder and cage come unassembled for mounting flexibility and lower freight costs. Ladder safety rail, safety cage and aluminum change of direction platform options are available for this ladder system. (d) a portable ladder extends at least one metre above any platform, roof or other landing to which the ladder is used as a means of access. A standard feature included on all of our fixed Access Ladder Systems is the unique rung profile. Custom ladders are built for each installation location. Platform ladders provide a standing spot at its apex to make working from the top even easier. Access ladders feature a safety cage and top railings. The Skyline Group Fixed Access Ladder is suitable for all safe roof access applications. As with the FLS ladders, the FLW fixed ladders are an uncaged option so they can only be used on climbs of 24' or less without a fall protection system. Can't find what you're looking for? The Extension Ladder Access System is an innovation from Quebec’s manufacturer Delta Prevention that MSK Canada is proud to offer. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. The Featherlite FL-2120-24 aluminum extension ladder meets or exceeds the safety standards set by ANSI, CSA, and OSHA. Get the latest news, product announcements, and Canadian deals right to your inbox. The VSS Compact Access Ladder Guardrail protects you of 10′ on each side of the access ladder and creates a traffic corridor leading to the center of the roof. All of our ladders satisfy current building codes and include lockable access where required. The 7002 Series fixed parapet ladder is made of lightweight and maintenance-free aluminum, ideally suited to provide safe rooftop access where a parapet is present. Due to modern designs most buildings have varying roof levels. This fixed Roof Access Ladder is available with a safety ladder cage, to protect the user while climbing and meets Canadian ladder cage codes. All roof access ladder systems can be equipped with a removable ladder door to protect against unauthorized use providing additional public safety. 2. <> Fakro offers a range of skylight as well as roof access. 11' long x 20" wide. All Skyline Group Intl. The manufacturing unit of Echelle Canada stocks and assembles on 1200 m² a new caged ladder system. Roof hatches can also be used when installing or removing larger pieces of equipment from a building. Our engineers create custom shop drawings incorporating all on-site measurements, the perfect fit for each project. -f ? Custom ladders are built for each installation location. MDT modular steel fixed ladder for commercial and industrial plant buildings are commonly used in Canada. In stock and ready to ship. Our modular ladder access system is constructed using high-grade aluminum, incorporating a profiled rung design with size and spacing meeting ladder codes and regulations. BILCO roof hatches provide safe and convenient access to roof areas by means of an interior ladder, ship stair or service stair. Due to the high-grade aluminum construction, the Skyline fixed safety ladders are virtually maintenance-free and corrosion-resistant so you can worry less about staff accessing different areas of your roof throughout the year. Description: Installation of a Fixed Access Ladder with stiles to assist in the ability to access a roof with varying heights and durable enough to withstand western Canadian winters. 560 C Roof Hatch Access Ladder. Type S Roof Hatch-Ladder Access . Access ladder fall protection Access ladder for going up or down a roof over 10‘ inevitably place you in a risky position as described in all standards. All products feature engineered lift assistance for easy one-hand operation. Ladders come in all different shapes and sizes and feature many different characteristics to make your job safer and easier.So, before you begin your hunt, think about what you’ll use your ladder for, or what different combinations of ladders you may need to complete a job. Welcome to Calico Ladders. Equipped with a self-closing adjustable fence, the roof hatch safety rails makes access to the descent secure at all times. Alaco Ladder Extension Safety Posts Extension posts provide safer, easier access through roof access hatches. … The ladder seamlessly integrates into the design and functionality of the building as not to disrupt the overall appearance from a birds-eye view. O’Keeffe’s fixed access aluminum ladders are constructed with lightweight, corrosion-resistant, low-maintenance aluminum and heavy duty stainless steel hardware. -sOutputFile=? {��fJu�*4��'Uھ��W�\. image/vnd.dwg download: DWG view: PDF 562 CP Roof Return with Rest Platform … The Fixed Aluminum Access Ladders are vertical access ladders for flat roofs. Steel Fixed Access Ladders. Alaco Exterior Roof Access Ladders feature a standard mill finish, and are also an excellent choice for chimneys, towers, vats, refineries and other industrial applications. A variety of special sizes are also available to provide an accessible way to install or remove large pieces of equipment from a building. Our industrial ladders have a 20" rung width but can be custom sized anywhere between 16" and 24" as the project requires. All rights reserved. Calico Ladders is an industry-leading provider of specialty and custom ladders, fall protection equipment, and modular platforms for all applications. Steel Fixed Access Ladders Provide Convenient and Elevated Access to Roofs, Mezzanines, Loading Docks and more. Ladder safety products such as a Safety Cage and additional platform options are available for this ladder system. Each Aluminum Access Ladder system is built to our customer’s specifications. The hatches provide access to roofs via interior ladders or stairs. The Skyline Group Fixed Access Ladder is suitable for all safe roof access applications. The system is designed and manufactured to meet and exceed OSHA and ANSI regulations, fabricated in modular sections allowing for the construction of endless ladder and access configurations to suit specific site requirements. Our company is a broad line manufacturer and distributor of Material Handling Equipment such as Benches, Buildings, Cranes, Conveyors, Dock Levelers, Dock Plates, Dock Seals, Guard Rails, Hoists, Mezzanines, Pallet Trucks, Shelving, Site Furnishings, Stairs and Wire Partitions. Thousands of Canadians … To better serve our customers we manufacture our fixed Access Ladders from structural aluminum. Constructed of aluminum, the Skyline fixed Access Ladder's lightweight design eliminates the need for cranes and lifting equipment, making installation much safer and cost-effective. Simple tools are all that is required to assemble your fixed Access Ladders. Choose from our selection of roof access ladders, including wall-mount ladders, top-mount ladders, and more. %PDF-1.4 Industrial buildings with very high ceilings may be more likely to have ladder access, whereas other buildings like schools or offices would be more likely to have a set of stairs. %%+ -dEmbedAllFonts=true -dSubsetFonts=true -dCompressFonts=true -dNOPAUSE -dQUIET -dBATCH ? Canada's Work Platform and Height Access Experts. This ladder would be appropriate for accessing roof tops from the exterior of the building, to access mezzanines and other elevated platforms, docks and can also be used as wall crossover ladders. Back to Previous Page. Access up elevated steel structures, silos, etc. With an elevated access, a cage must be provided where the top of the ladder is greater than 5 metres (16 ft) above ground level, roof or floor and where there is a danger of a worker falling from the ladder to the ground level, roof or floor, even if the length of the climb is … Designed to secure traffic around roof access hatches, the roof hatch safety rails developed by Delta Prevention perfectly adapts to the majority of hatches. Safety Cage and Access Platform options are available for this ladder system. The commercial roof access ladders are ideally suited for areas where primary access to varying rooftop levels is required. Permanently fixed ladders allow workers to safely access these levels with ease. Type S roof hatches, 36" x 30" (914mm x 762mm), provide convenient, reliable access to roof areas by means of a fixed interior ladder. image/vnd.dwg download: DWG view: PDF 562 C Roof Return Ladder. NEW caged LADDER SYSTEM With more than 35 years of experience in the sale of access solutions, the L'Echelle Européenne network has developed its own crinoline ladder system. Questions and Answers There are currently no questions posted for this asset.
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