To place or file in a small compartment or recess. Pigeonhole definition, one of a series of small, open compartments, as in a desk, cabinet, or the like, used for filing or sorting papers, letters, etc. Maybe you have several years of experience and have gotten pretty good at your job. When you pigeonhole yourself, frankly, it shows that you’ve given up any hope of developing your career or even your business further. Pigeonholing is a process that attempts to classify disparate entities into a limited number of categories (usually, mutually exclusive ones).. Information and translations of pigeonhole in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. It shows you to be someone that is willing to take the easy way out. The term “pigeonhole” has both a literal and a metaphorical meaning. The House and Senate have adopted internal rules that allow them to draft and approve a censure resolution, which provides a public record disapproving of an official’s actions. Definition and synonyms of put someone / something into a pigeonhole from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education.. Meaning of pigeonhole. holes 1. I'm sure you've seen some tv show where someone checks into a hotel and the hotel has many such compartments on the wall. Another word for pigeonhole. And this is never a good image for anybody in the world of business. This is the British English definition of put someone / something into a pigeonhole.View American English definition of put someone / something into a pigeonhole.. Change your default dictionary to American English. 2. See more. To pigeonhole someone or something means to decide that they belong to a particular class or category, often without considering all their qualities or characteristics. In a recent survey, one question was posed by tons of my clients: How do I avoid being pigeonholed in my career? What does pigeonhole mean? He felt they had pigeonholed him. Find more ways to say pigeonhole, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. In the literal sense, a pigeonhole is a small space or recess; the term comes from the individual nesting boxes used in a pigeon loft, and it has been extended to the small compartments used in many desks and office organizers to help keep material organized and tidy. The term usually carries connotations of criticism, implying that the classification scheme referred to inadequately reflects the entities being sorted, or that it is based on stereotypes.. “Pigeonholed” is a weird term, so here’s what it means to me. The compartments are called pigeon holes. Definition of pigeonhole in the dictionary. Saying "don't pigeon hole" me is saying don't try to fit me into one of your narrow definitions, don't stereotype me.