edit: I was really waiting for this review, I just love how this skate looks. Where can I buy the same of your four eight milimetres wheels skates? Hi Lino, ur fan from Singapore. The Powerslide Next Renegade 125 has "off road" in his DNA. This skate is suited for BMX trails and big air sessions in the dirt park. Cheers. Enter your e-mail address to receive information about product availability. Otherwise it sounds like a fishy marketing stuff. My roads are useless but there is plenty of gravel pathes and trails to choose from. Still thinking about it. bit.ly/THE_LINO_LIFE So the down-sizing really worked. Are there any credible trials or it’s your own guesses based on nothing more than so called ‘common sense’ which can be quite misleading? I’m gonna get them because you could explan all the stuff so well, really nice review you made! I hope I can get evo2 one day! It shows you care about your fellow skaters. As an owner and also a reviewer of the 110 version that you didn’t mention here, I will give the 110 version strong 9. The Next Renegade comes with a unique MYFIT Recall liner for more comfort. What I have also noticed is that my 3×125 Katana frame couldn’t be moved enough to the inside on the Next. The Powerslide Next Renegade 125 has "off road" in his DNA. The light weight and very agile 3x125mm setup is perfectly suited for BMX trails and big air sessions in the dirt park. Nowadays they are in lead of the pack when it comes to technology: heatmoldable liners and boots, compressed carbon shells, revolutionary Trinity mounting – these things are relatively fresh and competition is yet to respond. International Powerslide Team is composed of names every inline skating fan should be familiar with and believe us - there are far too many to list them here. US Size 14/15. Thanks to the patented TRINITY 3-point mounting this frame set offers great stability, control and power transfer. It is nice to hear your explanation of the advantages of a Trinity mounting system. If we were to describe Powerslide in three words, these would be: quality, variety and innovation. The Next shell and liner also doesn’t have the expressed shape of the heel. The Powerslide Next Renegade is the first of its kind – the first TRINITY 3-point mounting hard shell inline skate in the world. A Next Renegade 125 tökéletes hosszú edzésekre és a járatlan utak felfedezésére. For the urban freestyle skater wanting both speed and agility.This package has the NEXT boots with 125mm wheels inside short 10" frames. The Powerslide Next Renegade 125 SUV skate with its 3x125mm set up is made for unbeatable fun. Do you know which boot is wider between the Next and Imperial ones? Powerslide - Elite Casted AL 231 (3x100mm) - Black Inline Skate Frames, Powerslide - Elite AL Frame Axle (1 pcs. Nice review Mario, i like your honesty even talking about complaints some people had. Costs and shipping methods depend on the total sum of the order and the shipping address - details can be checked here. My wheels size now are 84. I have also tried the Intuition liners in the Next, but the heel lock is missing there. Τα Powerslide Next Renegade 125 Nordic nordic skates είναι πολύ μικρά σε μέγεθος. Which model do you recommend for bigger wheels? JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. And then POW your video is here! Talking about the ventilation: i’ve been skating in them in temperatures near 0 degree celcium last few days and its’ a little bit cold in them, btw. Is it of any use for stalls or even grinds? I had never quite investigated the reasons to make this system potentially beneficial versus other frames. What makes Powerslide special are company’s people and supporters who create a community around it. The Powerslide Next Renegade 125 SUV skate with its 3x125mm set up is made for unbeatable fun. The Powerslide NEXT is the first Hardboot Trinity skate on the market, 2 years ago. But 125mm air tires (Rustproof Bearings) provide for an exhilarating full-body workout. POWERSLIDE Next Renegade 125 available from clicnroll inline skates shop in France

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