Some kids horn buds do not break through the skin until later. We keep teat wipes, olive oil, grain, peanuts and a grooming brush at the stanchion. So, if a doe must be at least 135 pounds to meet the breed standards, a doeling would need to be at least 110 pounds to be considered fit for breeding. It may seem elementary to some of us, but I have been asked too many times "Do goats give milk all the time like cows or do they have to have a baby first?" For 8 adults, 6 of whom are lactating, and 8 kids we are feeding 1 scoop alfalfa pellets and 1 scoop grain twice a day, in addition to browse and hay. They live up to 12 years and in ideal situations they have lived as long as 20 years. Our vet told me once “You will tell me when something is wrong.”  And he was right. If planning to wether a buckling, they can be banded before they leave. Nigerian dwarf goats can breed all year round. We have given: Peanuts in the shell, orange peels, banana peels, small amounts of yogurt, cut up apples and pears and a favorite is bending a branch from a nearby tree down within their reach. The doe is freshening her milk supply. If she has been doing fine and all of a sudden doesn't act right. Hi Lindsey, most experts on Nigerian Dwarf goats say the ideal weight is 75lbs but a range between 60 and 80 pounds is normal and healthy, depending on her frame. The Nigerian Dwarf, like the American Pygmy Goat, derives from these, but does not resemble the stocky West African Dwarf in conformation – it has been bred to have the appearance of a miniature dairy goat. Make sure they always have fresh water available to them! Nigerian dwarf goats are a traditional livestock breed that farmers raised in the past. Feeding foods to them that are not in their natural diet could harm them. Most goats want to be left alone during this time, and their labor may even slow down o… She had quads a few days later. Collect all the supplies before you head out. Since then we have learned a lot. Feeding Nigerian dwarf goats a proper diet that is nutritionally-balanced is the best thing you can do to keep your herd healthy. You can add apple cider vinegar to water in the winter. However, cows and sheep are grazers and will eat everything in an area. Nigerian Dwarf goat breed generally have simple births with few problems and kids are born at an average of around 2 pounds. When my electronic milker comes in I’ll be milking more. Each one has specific needs that the other does not. If you change the bacteria in the rumen too quickly you can cause bloat or the rumen to shut down. The more you know your goat’s behavior and personality the better caretaker you will be. The doe is then milked one time a day, until the kids are weaned. Angora goats, the most common type of fiber goat, can weigh 88 pounds (40 kg) or more. 7)   Strip the first milk from the teats into the strip cup. This helps decrease any discomfort for the doe and speeds up the amount of time it takes. The balanced proportions of the Nigerian Dwarf give it the appearance of the larger breeds of dairy goats, but does stand no more than 22.5 inches (57 centimeters) and bucks no more than 23.5 inches (60 centimeters). Question: Does a nigerian dwarf doe have to have kids to have milk? 4. Some breeders even breed 3 times in two years to maximize the does potential. If not continue milking. One of our girls perches herself on the highest place she can and bleats out at us until we feed her in the morning and evening. We do supplement the grain with kelp and BOSS at times. Additionally, goat milk is easier to digest making it an option for many lactose intolerant people or those that have other gastrointestinal issues. A doe can support up to 4 kids in good living conditions without supplementing the kids. We milk two times a day by hand. For weight, expect your Nigerian Dwarf goat to weigh between 60 and 80 pounds. The Nigerian Dwarf does give a surprising quantity of milk for its size. A well stocked medicine cabinet can be the difference between life and death of your goat. But a drastic reduction of the breed variety was caused by the rise of industrial agriculture and threatened their survival. However, if she develops mastitis or is mineral deficient she may have more difficulty and need help to support her babies. Our goats are loved and some may say even spoiled. The babies are called kids. We try to be careful and use good biosecurity standards however, no matter how good we are, disease can still find a way in. A herd of Nigerian Dwarf goats is call a tribe or a trip. 3)   Check the doe for any changes in – her udder, teats, feet, mouth, bottom, etc. Goats of this breed usually have a butcher weight of approximately 25 to 40 pounds (11 to 18 kilograms). Alert and defending them from dogs and any other animals they think could hurt their babies. These goats are white and easy to spot on pasture. Their small stature means they do not require as much space or feed as their larger dairy goat counterparts. Before you start shooting the messenger and accuse me of wrecking your homesteading dream or saying I’m a goat-hater, let me explain myself. These are toxic to goats. There are not many medications developed for goats so many treatments come from medications meant for other livestock. The Saanen is another great dairy goat if you want more traditional type ears. I prefer to give my girls a few months to rest and recuperate before they are bred again. Lactating does are fed free choice Alfalfa hay, graze, minerals and baking soda. For goats it is called freshening. To avoid illness we have worked with our vet to carefully to determine how to feed each one. Dwarf goats breed year round. 8)   Check this milk for flakes, strings, or blood signs - act accordingly if there is a problem. Each baby will be around two pounds in weight. I own Nigerian Dwarf Goats, and I will probably own them the rest of my life. The bucks are ideally between 19 and 21 inches (but up to 23.5 inches). He has been learning quickly and is doing well with the adults. This type of goat can breed at 12 to 18 months, and often undergo multiple reproductions by frequently giving birth to twins and triplets. This process usually lasts about 12 hours for goats that are kidding for the first time, but every goat is different.During this stage the goat will be restless. The best advice I can give is to know your goat. Buying a Nigerian Dwarf Goat For Sale They are fed a 16-18% dairy goat feed. The mom goat was dues in 2 more weeks per the seller, but yesterday gave birth to 3.,, (You must log in or sign up to reply here. You’re probably familiar with pygmy goats, which are another small-sized goat. 12)    Feed your goat a peanut, praise her and give her a good shoulder scratch or brush down if you have time. Our goats are registered through ADGA and/or AGS. The following is the routine that works for our family. Doelings (female goats) are generally ready to breed at 8-12 months of age. The matured males weigh between 20kg to 25kg while the matured females weigh between 18kg to 22kg. We work hard to bring the best Goat discussion! Truthfully, they prefer these more than grass. We use stainless steal pans under our does. We have worked to develop a good step by step milking routine so that even the those people who have never milked before can feel comfortable trying their hand at it. And our vet says that happy well cared for/loved goats produce better tasting milk. Poor expecting Sadie. This flexibility has helped to develop interest in this breed with hobby farmers and modern day homesteaders. Fescue grass- not poisonous just not recommended. A movement toward self sustaining lifestyles has helped increase interest in this breed. Adults                             At least once each year, Give with injury, illness and stressful events*, Pregnant does                 4 – 6 weeks before due date. When cared for properly, the Nigerian Dwarf goat can have a lifespan of between 12 and 14 years. If this is your plan make sure the kids all get colostrum first. In reality, they actually have very delicate nutritional needs. Feeds containing UREA. When feeding our Nigerian dwarf goats we feed the bucks/wethers and does differently. Weigh your vehicle empty, load up the goats, and weigh the vehicle again. at birth but grow quickly. BREEDING THE NIGERIAN DWARF GOAT A newborn Nigerian dwarf goat weighs around 2 pounds at birth. Pygmy goat’s genetics are designed for meat production, so they tend to have a much thicker build in general. Because they can breed off season - different than other goats, it is easy to keep a year round milk supply. They only have 3 to 6 inches between their udder and the floor of the milk stanchion. I will give a list of plants to avoid that have been reported to be poisonous or harmful to goats somewhere on the internet. We love the milk that they produce. Does can be bred at 7 to 8 months of age if they have reached good size. We want them to restore their vitamins and minerals before breeding again. This is a good time to move the bucklings away from the does. The teats are wiped clean and then a little olive oil is applied to our hands and the teats. We have tested all our goats for Cae, CL and Johne’s disease. 10)   Wash off teats with your wipe. Though, they will need shade protection during periods of intense sun. The earliest record of Nigerian Dwarf goats is from West Africa. This will help you answer questions for treating your goat when the vet is unavailable and over the phone consultation is necessary. We also use commercial teat wipes and olive oil when milking. « Basic Health Care Supplies – Nigerian Dwarf Goats. We sell Nigerian Dwarf goats with ADGA papers and a few without. I love goats. Nigerian Dwarf Goats are known for having few birthing problems. Pygmy goats are typically raised as pets, but Nigerian dwarf goats are actually classified as a type of dairy goat. Typically our Nigerian does get pregnant while they are still lactating, then dry up 2 to 3 months after conceiving. She gets as much as she wants while on the stand. Remember a happy goat gives the best milk. Goats that have a good choice of graze, proper hay and/or grain that they need will not eat non-edible or poisonous substances. However, if the milk comes from a doe that has CAE, Johne’s, or another infectious disease, then the milk needs to be pasteurized so that the kid does not get infected.Beyond that, you’ll hear people argue all day long about what to Make it a positive experience. Nigerian Dwarf Goat Baby Care 2 were alive and 1 was still in the sac but the sac … Owning two means you should have a minimum of 20 – 25 square feet. We use Purina Goat Chow as needed to grow and stay in good condition. We feed a good quality goat feed year round to our herd of 25-30 Nigerian Dwarf goats, but reduce it to only about 1/2 cup twice per day when the goats are dry. We love them like family – just family that live outside. Know his/her weight and age. Between about 1930 and 1960 a variety of small goats of the West African Dwarf group of breeds were imported from Africa to the United States to be exhibited in zoos. Inspect her milk in the strip cup and test for mastitis if necessary. This is reported to help their urinary system develop and should not cause as many issues with urinary calculi when they are older. The price will vary depending on the goat performance i.e champion pedigree, the production capabilities, health etc. Colors and Patterns. Baking soda will neutralize the vinegar and ammonium chloride affects. Not only are these goats great reproducers but they are also great producers. With four kids to support, they need all the milk they can make to support their babies. They do not take any special food and can live off of graze or prairie hay during all seasons, winter included. An adult male is called a buck, a young male is a buckling and a male that has been fixed or sterilized is a wether. I checked her temp and it was 105 degrees F.  She was sick. Answer: Yes. An average doe produces about 2.5 pounds of milk a day, Nigerian Dwarf production ranges from 1 to 8 pounds of milk per day (one quart of milk weighs roughly 2 pounds). They prefer to eat a little here and a little there. When a goat calls out it is called bleating. At that time, we begin milking twice a day about 12 hours apart. When you have your supplies ready and your hands washed. Something may be wrong. If your doe is Cae positive, powdered colostrum supliments are available. This can be stressful. It stays in the human stomach for only 20 minutes to 4 hours. I would want a doeling to be 60 pounds or close to it before breeding. Vetricyn, Vitamin B 12 (BOSE), Meloxican for pain relief, Ammonium Chloride, Vinegar, CD&T, Minerals (block or loose), Baking soda, Dried kelp food grade, Probiotics, Diatimatious Earth... A few tools that are handy to have are as follows: Hoof trimmers, Wood file, Collar and leash, Carrier for transport, Bowls to feed, Water heater elements to prevent frozen water in the winter, Rake, Barn lime, Shelter / Large dog house, Water container, Food container, Hay manger, Leur lock syringes and 22 gauge - 1” needles, Standard syringes, Alcohol, Cotton balls and paper towels, Scissors, Nasal Aspirator, Disposable scalpel, Disposable gloves, Digital thermometer... Nigerian dwarf goats can be milked once or twice a day. There are many different ways to milk. We reserve the right to choose who we will sell our animals to. ). The doe can be milked immediately and the kids can be bottle fed. I just weighed my does, and one (Gracie) weighed 56.6lbs (Still surprised I could lift her! However, it is still recommended to get the help of a professional, such as a veterinarian, to deal with the whole process. Female Natalia, the first of the dwarf goat babies, was born on April 10 to doe Alyssa. Goat milk has an alkaline pH and is naturally homogenized. Bucklings can be fertile as early as 8 weeks. 1)   Make sure the grain is in the bucket, 2)   Stanchion is locked before beginning to milk. Upon birth, the baby dwarf goats ranged in weight from 1.9 pounds to 4.7 pounds. 4)  Clean hands and supplies are the most important part of the process. But do be aware that vomiting in goats is almost always due to poisonous plants. When one of our goat’s routine changes, like - they aren’t first in line to eat, or don’t come up for a scratch on the shoulders – something is wrong. They do love brush, bramble, trees, poison ivies and most weeds that other livestock will not eat. Goats (and for that matter cows) do have to kid, calf or have a baby before they can give milk. My son and his wife just bought 2 dwarf goats (Nigerian dwarf or pigmy goats?) Dwarf goats are very playful, and they love to climb on things. Interesting facts:  Only goats, sheep, toads, and octopi have rectangular pupils. Registered goats typically cost from between $300 and $500 USD per head. I tried searching the Internet to find out how much a full grown Nigerian Dwarf doe should weigh, and saw everything from 25-70lbs, so I figured I'd better ask on TGS. The compact size makes keeping them easy keepers on smaller properties. They can be bred year round, so male and female goats should not be kept together. This is then set atop the half gallon mason jar. Do NOT give baking soda to bucks! Try it and then you can always make adjustments based on things such as body condition, production, time it takes to eat or if they don’t eat it all. They are definitely much smaller in size than full-size goats. Remember, goats do not have teeth on the upper jaw in the front, only gums. Since 2010, Lesa's writing has inspired new homesteaders on their journey to more sustainable lifestyles via this website. In goats blue eyes are a dominant trait. However, the more kids in a freshening the more varied the weight of the kids can be. Is her udder red, cut, hot or does she jump when you touch her? Right now I’m only milking one. As of 2012, The Livestock Conservancy Board ranked Nigerian dwarf goats as a recovering breed. Nigerian dwarf bucks weigh between 30 and 45 pounds. However, not all the kids typically survive with higher multiple births. When the market is strong the price of Nigerian Dwarfs increases. If planning to disbud, best practice is to do this when the kids are 2 – 10 days old. We learned on an unexperienced but very very patient doe. Meat breeds are usually the heaviest, with an average weight of around 286 pounds (130 kg). With the other does, we remove the kids at night and milk the next morning. However, the more kids in a freshening the more varied the weight of the kids can be. Mine get a little bit of peanut hay, 5 handfuls of alfalfa pellets, and however much grain/goat pellets they need according to body condition. Make sure you don't contaminate that fresh goat milk. You can have approximately 10 Nigerian dwarf goats per acre. They will be much healthier in the long run and have the benefit from the does immunities. They eat less and they convert the food they eat to milk efficiently. Ideal weight is suggested to be about 75 pounds. When giving grain add approximately ½ teaspoon of ammonium chloride to the feed. New born kids average about 2 lbs. A newborn Nigerian dwarf goat weighs around 2 pounds at birth. African Rue, Andromeda (related to foxglove), Azalea, Brouwer’s Beauty Andromeda, Boxwood, Burning bush berries, Calotropis, Cassava (manioc), China Berry Trees, all parts, Choke cherries, Datura, Dog Hobble, Dumb Cane (diffenbachia / houseplant), Eunoumus Bush Berries, False Tansy, “Fiddleneck”, Flixweed, Fusha, Holly Trees / bushes, Ilysanthes floribunda, Japanese pieris (extremely toxic), Japanese Yew, Lantana (? You are ready to get your goat. Many people keep them as pets because of their docile nature and they are easily managed by children. 9)   Milk in the pan. Like larger dairy goats, these dwarf goats will have short, fine hair. Nigerian Dwarf goats have a more slender neck, and thinner, longer legs. And she wasn’t hollering at me. They commonly have 1 to 4 kids at one freshening, even up to 5, 6 or 7 kids. Most of our goats come from great bloodlines. Many goat owners do not attempt to breed doelings until they are at least 80% of their adult weight. Remember, you know your doe. Females of this same breed stand a little more than 22 inches high. Nigerian dwarfs don’t actually require the acreage that’s needed for larger varieties of livestock. 11)    Filter the milk into the jar / date / refrigerate your milk ASAP! There are plenty of color combinations to be found. So here is a list of vital signs to know about your goat. Because of this, we do also have some kids with horns.

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