I have an Precision 5520 laptop running the latest Manjaro KDE. After the upgrade i found that playing some video with mpv disable the kwin compositor. I wrote it originally to switch compositing on and off in order to test conky's transparency under KDE. If OpenGL is not available there is an automatic fallback to XRender. Add the option to your mpv.conf and you should be fine. KDE has a toggle to block compositor in full-screen apps like games which really helps my 5 years old laptop to run some not so modern games in a barely playable framerate. By default OpenGL is used which is hardware accelerated. Is there a way to automatically disable compositor "globally" when a game is launched and to activate it again when it's closed? Search “Compositor” in your application menu and disable “Enable compositor on startup”. The game runs flawlessly with compositor being "globally" turned down. I've done this using both gsettings from the command line as well as the dconf gui editor. To set the monitor profile back, use the commands from below. OpenGL mode Offline #5 2020-10-23 15:59:02. h4Ck3D001 Member Registered: 2020-10-15 Posts: 4. If the compositor should be disabled while a fullscreen application such as games or video is used it is better to disable compositing either through the shortcut Alt + Shift + F12 or since 4.7 (Released July 2011) through a window specific rule for the window. Kde 5.6 is giving me some headache. Install the picom package or picom-gitAUR for the development version. Another option for people who don't want to disable composite is to have Vivaldi "Use Native Window" Does add an extra title bar to window however. New to gnome, was a KDE user for more than 3 years. What happens if you remove the Wine category? Top. I want to disable all animations (or, if not possible, as many as possible) without disabling the compositor altogether (such as, by pressing Shift+Alt+F12), so certain functionalities that require the compositor (such as Ctrl+F9) still work. Docky. 02 Desembre, 2020. kde disable compositing shortcut KWin Now Supports Suspended Compositing « Linux « Technology « Theory Report, Welcoming a new OpenGL Compositor « Martin’s Blog. 1 Reply Last reply . And before you ask, no, the "disable compositor for fullscreen windows" is disabled, and this happen with mpv on windowed mode! You need to remove config files referencing it if you've created any, and FWIW I have no issues recording with a compositor on in KDE and the nvidia drivers. Hi. Wayland support in the KDE Plasma Workspaces is in a tech-preview state. Or even better, to activate compositor when it's not the main windows and disable it when I'm playing the game? kde disable compositing shortcut. The only way, a workaround: disable Compositor in KDE settings. The performance of Desktop Effects in the KDE Plasma Workspaces is mostly determined by the interaction of the graphics hardware (GPU), it's driver and the Compositor (Kwin). I've got this game which has lag spikes with compositor on. xf86-video-intel is generally buggy with such usecases and I wouldn't be surprised if the issue stems from there.

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