Since the floor of the chickee hut was elevated off the swamp below, the Seminoles usually had a small wooden step ladder that they used to climb up into the hut. Welcome to the Tiki Hut Showroom! Serving drinks under them is optional, but common. Originally based upon Pacific Ocean Polynesian culture, the style took off in the mid-1930s in California and really grew after World War II throughout the United States and abroad, including the Atlantic Ocean. Chikee or Chickee ("house" in the Creek and Mikasuki languages spoken by the Seminoles and Miccosukees) is a shelter supported by posts, with a raised floor, a thatched roof and open sides. The chickee style of architecture—palmetto thatch over a bald cypress log frame—was adopted by Seminoles during the … However, after eight years and a direct hit by Hurricane Irma, the roof was in need of re-thatching. Tiki Huts - When you think of tiki huts, pictures of the clear, blue waters of Hawaii may run through your mind. Seminoles built their chickees in the swamplands typically in a location that was on higher ground. It's quite nice here. Seminole Tiki Huts specializes in building one-of-a-kind structures, Seminole chickee huts style, that incorporate traditional manual building techniques and the finest natural material found in the Everglades on the Seminole's preserve. Some opinions are nice; some observations are not so nice; and some are downright snarky, but take it in the fun-loving spirit it's intended. The chickee style hut was constructed with a palmetto thatch over a log frame made from cypress trees. To bring paradise to your back yard. I called Chickee Huts (who did the re-thatch 8 years ago) along with two other firms. Have a look at our gallery to get an idea about our work. For use when referring to our products a tiki hut is a 3-4 post hut while our palapas are 1-2 poles in the center, more like an umbrella. Casual Encounter with the Bald Eagle of Florida, 4 Florida Beach Jobs You Probably Didn’t Think About. Building A Chickee Hut is not something you can learn from books, it requires a lot of on the job training. Chickee "Chickee" is the word Seminoles use for "house." Thatching a Tiki Hut , or Chickee using Real Palm leaf thatch available from . Servicemen returning from the Pacific theater had stories of exotic places and odd customs and the theme resonated. Many who visit Florida on vacation frequently think about moving here permanently -- or at least toy with the idea. The chickee or tiki hut will last several years before needing to be re-thatched and requires little to no maintenance. ( Log Out /  We have done tons of Tiki hut, chickee hut projects, thatch project and we are always available for our clients. Florida Tiki Huts specializes in authentic custom designed tiki huts, tiki bars, palm huts, Chickee Huts, palapas, and custom thatched palm roof structures. This enhances the tropical theme while providing shade as well. ): Exterior primarily; Comm. Since the Seminoles Indians lived in the tropical climate of Florida it was not necessary for chickees to have protective walls since it rarely gets cold. They name this shelter “chickee” which means home in … Call us at (888)459-4887 today! Thus, the raised wooden floor makes the chickee the perfect dock for small boats and yates. Each tiki hut and tiki bar we build are custom built for each of our clients, no two are alike. Construction. All chickee huts, tiki huts and gazebos must be installed in the rear of the property. Chickee Huts projects around the world stand proud testament to this level of craftsmanship and quality. Chickees are also known as chickee huts, stilt houses, or platform dwellings. The chickee style of architecture—palmetto thatch over a bald cypress log frame—was adopted by Seminoles during the … Each and every tiki hut or chickee is customized to the customer specifications, then meticulously created to provide both functionality and visual appeal to your outdoor spaces for years to come. No matter the location, we get you the shade you need. The word palapa seems to define what we call palapas as well as tiki huts but we have found that people are more familiar with the term tiki hut then they are palapa. Even with the extreme Florida weather, you can expect your Miccosukee Chickee hut thatch roof to last over a decade without maintenance. One is more likely to be drinking a Mexican margarita or beer than a mai tai. Ext. The exotic and sexy tropical theme always appealed to people from wartime until the mid-70s when tropical themes “cooled” somewhat. The chickee hut has changed a little since the early days of the Seminole Indian Tribes, these days it is more commonly referred to as a tiki hut. ( Log Out /  We are specialized in construction when it comes to tiki huts, thatches, fire retardant, redesign, and rethatching services. ( Log Out /  Although possible, this method does not guarantee water resistance nor does it make your chickee or tiki hut waterproof. Patch Vs Rethatching. This shows our skills in tiki hut construction are state of … Since the chickees had thick palm thatched roof that had been purposely constructed on a steep slope, this engineering technique was especially helpful in shedding rain during some of the more heavy down pours. By listening we mean here we get their ideas and suggest them the best. Tiki Hut Builder in Loxahatchee Fl, Monster Tiki Huts can build your backyard tiki paradise. By Kelly Dean. We can repair your thatch roof or re-thatch your entire structure. Everything is constructed to adjust your specifying region, tastes and needs. All shapes and sizes are available. The Chickee is located approximately eight feet from a concrete pad where a Mobile Home is parked when the owners are in town. Seminoles living in chickees would use animal hides or woven cloth material to create a temporary protective layer or tarp to protect them, helping keep them dry during a typical Florida rainstorm. We can design anything you want and know we can build it accordingly. “Chickee” is the word Seminole Indians used for “house.” Seminole Indian Tribes living in Northern Florida had been well known for having built these log cabin-style structures or  homes they called chickees. Suncoast Tiki Huts, Inc. Professional backyard & commercial tiki hut/chickee builders & Re-thatching specialists. . Call, fax, or text (800) 984-5448 (813) 926-9606 Our Tiki huts are wind and rain resistant and allow hot air to escape, providing cool shade during even the hottest months. More. The orginal tiki huts started some 1450 BC with the Calusa Indians who at the time controlled most of south west Florida. One Native American group, the Seminoles, called them chickee huts. All this is from writers who've been there and done that. The chickee hut was originally built by the Seminoles during the early 1800s when the Seminoles, had been pursued by United States troops, and was in need of shelter that could be easily constructed and quickly disposed of, while on the run. Thatch Styles. Our Tiki Bars and Tiki Huts are constructed to custom … Tiki pop culture is evident about anywhere the weather is tropical in nature, including Florida. The chickee hut has changed a little since the early days of the Seminole Indian Tribes, these days it is more commonly referred to as a tiki hut. See more ideas about Backyard, Outdoor, Backyard structures. When it comes to the luxury of outdoor living, a tiki hut is one of the most environmental friendly ways to enjoy your homes outdoor area. Living in the swampy conditions that existed in the Everglades of south Florida, chickees where an essential part of living. New ChickeeHuts. Since 1991 we’ve been building quality Tiki Huts ( often called “Chickee” or “Chikee” huts by the real purists ) through out the South Florida area. Welcome. Experience the extreme personalized retreat ambiance, right at your own home, with a custom-made Tiki Bar or Tiki Hut, produced by us. The distinctive chickee hut — palmetto thatch over a cypress log frame — was born of necessity, not art. The Chickee Hut is located next to (touching) a utility building that houses a laundry facility, a bathroom and storage for the individual Motor Home site. Licensed & Insured Contractors. vs. Res: Both; Fire Protection: We offer a full range of fire rated options. If you can Dream it, we Can Build it. No tiki is too big. New Chickee Huts, New Tiki Huts. The site's purpose is to give down-to-earth opinions and observations about various facets of Florida life, without all the sales hype so common to these sites. Their influence in tiki building was brought to our Seminole Indians or “run-away-Indians” who transformed the tiki hut. Grade (Int. Jul 24, 2019 - Backyard Structures and ideas.

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