Big Dons Smokers; Reverse Flow; Gallery; Video Gallery; Contact; Big Dons Smokers by ATD. Read more. This level of precision is more than enough to make perfect dishes every time! Made from only the best materials and crafted right here in Melbourne the SC 512 Smoker offers you the ability to do all your indirect slow cooking as well as using it as a charcoal grill, pizza oven or conventional oven or just your plain old Aussie barbie. Offset Smoker; Pellet Grills & Smokers. The firebox holds the fuel source for smoker and slowly transfers heat over to the main unit. Same in-stock item available for same-day delivery or collection, including GST and delivery charges. Attic Restaurant is currently ranked number 20 in the ‘Top 50 Restaurants in the World’ “The Yoder is an absolutely incredible Smoker, what a workhorse of a machine. The SC-300, the only electric smoker, is our smallest model. Customer Info. These smokers are versatile and easy to move and transport. We stock a wide range of affordable gas, electric, charcoal, fish, pellet and offset meat smokers so … BBQ meat smoking is taking the world by storm with a wide range of BBQ meat smokers catering for different types of cooking styles. Traeger Promotion; Gravity Feed Smokers; Reverse Flow Smokers; Charcoal Smokers; Fish Smokers; Smoker Accessories; Rubs/Sauces . Offset smokers cook the food in a horizontal chamber into which smoke is fed from a separate firebox. Compared to building an offset smoker using an old gas tank, this build is about as easy as it gets. Not that this is a practical reason to buy an offset, but they also look so cool in your backyard! There is a big difference in quality between the Expensive Offset Smokers (EOS) in the $800 and up range like Horizon or Lang, and the Cheapo Offset Smokers (COS) in the $400 and under range. Offset smokers Australia. This handy guide lists the types of commercial smokers available on eBay and highlights important factors to consider before selecting a model for your business. The ProQ Reverse Flow cabinet smokers (Tubby and Stretch) are designed with serious competition teams and commercial caterers in mind. You don’t need to worry about the size of your food, thanks to the six height-adjustable grates. 16" Offset BBQ Smoker and Fire Box Grill. Here we have a one off design standard offset smoker. You’ll need to get yourself an unpainted filing cabinet because, as with the ugly drum smoker, the epoxy paint used on the painted ones to prevent rust releases toxins when heated up. Our offset smokers... Yoder Cheyenne 16″ Offset Grill & Smoker. SC512C Offset Smoker Barbecue SC512 Smoker,The SC512S Smoker SC660 Offset Smoker Barbecue . There's an element of portability in this item. The three most influential factors in sel ecting a commercial smoker include capacity needs, kitchen space and budget. 1. COMMERCIAL COOKERS. Stop here because this article is all you need to read! The Cheyenne 16″ Offset Grill & Smoker moves you... Yoder Wichita 20″ Offset Smoker – Loaded No Counterweight. Charcoal and Wood . High-quality, residential and commercial offset smoker covers that perfectly fit your patio smoker, backyard smoker, indoor smoker, outdoor smoker, and poolside smoker. An offset smoker can be identified by the heat source being offset from the cooking surface. The offset design also allows for slow and deep cooking to make your food bring out the best tastes. Time and time again at competitions throughout the country our outdoor BBQ smokers prove to be a cut above the rest. Cast iron LPG burners; High pressure wok burners; Insert wok burners; Natural gas wok burners; Stock pots; Trolleys/carts; Built in doors & drawers ; Outdoor furniture; Rice cookers; Clearance & specials! (Personally I find it’s easier to control a cleaner fire). 24" Offset BBQ Smoker and Fire Box Grill. If you’re new to the world of offset grills, we put this buying guide together to try and help you buy an offset smoker or grill. Custom Cookers & Smokers can build you what ever you want on Custom BBQ Offset Cookers & Skip to content. One of the real beauties of owning an offset smoker is that you won’t need to find room for both a smoker and a charcoal grill – many are combo smokers and grills where you can just light up your charcoal in the main cooking chamber and grill the way you’re accustomed to. Smoker BBQs 28 results for Smoker BBQs. The main difference between models is the fuel source. SSE. At BBQ XL, we pride ourselves in providing Australians all over the country with a vast range of top-quality barbecues, smokers and wood-fired pizza ovens. Lang BBQ Smokers® are the #1 BBQ smoker cookers because they use a revolutionary way of grilling, cooking and smoking meat, chicken and seafood to perfection. See More. Commercial Smokers I 24in Ranger Smoker . Offset Smokers. So, your reputation as the neighborhood Griller/Smoker is... Yoder Wichita 20″ Offset Smoker – Loaded. Vertical Offset Smokers; Best Propane Smoker; 5 Best Commercial Pellet Smoker and Grills Reviews 2021. Various types of smoker barbecues are available in the market but the best offset smokers are considered to be the best of all. The heavy-duty steel construction provides a long-lasting product which adds a unique and delicious taste to your food. FAQs; Service & Repairs; Locations; Shipping & Freight; Contact Us; Your Location: Home > Products > Smoking > Offset smokers. See the Lang 48 Deluxe Patio debut on Netflix's new BBQ competition show. 10 Best Offset Smokers Review of 2021 for The Money Nothing can be better than eating tender pieces of meat cooked slowly on low heat of a smoker barbecue. HOME. Product FAQ; General FAQ; Pro Shop Return Policy; Contact Us 800-223-9667. 333 N Main, Cape Girardeau, MO 63701. Read more. Ordinary pellet smokers cannot sustain the incoming demand for food in restaurants or food trucks. Gravity feed smokers are ideal for commercial BBQ use. Commercial Smokers I MMS72 H20 Water Smoker. the FIrebox is 500mm deep x 450mm wide and 560mm high, a firebox grate made off the floor with the vent made underneath the fire grate. Please fuel it using lump charcoal or briquet, with a small amount of wood chips added to help increase flavor ; Includes smoke stack, temperature gauge, scald-proof handle, seamless connection, access door on side to tend charcoal, side air vent, and wheels to transport. A reasonably priced commercial smoker not only affects the texture and flavor, but it also influences the number of mouths you can feed. From the beginning stages of engineering, all the way through the manufacturing process and leading up to the welding stage, we take pride in each and every smoker that goes out our door. Bradley smoker has a lot of features that make it one of the best smoker for commercial usage. Ideal for restaurants, cafes and caterers that wish to offer smoked BBQ meats. All you need is an old metal filing cabinet, a drill, and some spare time. Compare. The offset smoker can also be used as a small grill. Commercial Grills. Commercial Smokers I MMS60 H20 Water Smoker. It comes with 6 digital smoker racks which means you can cook a lot of foods in it at a single time at different racks. The ProQ Reverse Flow smokers are the ultimate for those who smoke long, often and demand the very best. So, your reputation as the neighborhood Griller/Smoker is... Yoder Kingman 24″ Offset Smoker. Nothing beats having an outdoor lunch or dinner but the smoker needs to be covered afterwards so that it does not get dirty. We have been proud to partner with teams of BBQ smokers in Maitland to take out top place at the Australasian Barbecue Alliance (ABA) Cider and Pork Festival, and Kansas City Barbeque Society (KCBS) competitions in Maitland. To view the range and find the perfect Hark smoker for Perth home, head in to one of the two Outdoor Chef stores in Commercial smokers work by heating wet wood chips until they smoke, which cooks the meat to perfection and creates the smoky flavors that we associate with an open fire or grill. We do not grind our welds and feel that is a tribute to the skill and focus we have in every phase of building our pits! You will also love the offset design of this master built commercial smoker as it helps to direct heat away from your food. Electric Smoker. When early Spanish explorers landed on islands in the Caribbean in 1490’s, they found natives using a slow-cooking method which used the smoke from fire wood to impart their meat and fish with an amazing flavor. Commercial Smokers I 24in Ranger Smoker. Commercial Smokers I 16in Ranger Smoker. We use 6.4mm (1/4") New Steel Pipe, 6mm Mild Steel Plate, Laser Cut for precision fit, and the best design in Smoker and grill construction. BBQ Meat Smokers for sale. Product FAQ; Pro Shop Return Policy ; Make a Payment; My Account; Make A Payment; My … Commercial Smokers. Lang BBQ Smokers ® The #1 stick burner. In dire need of a commercial pellet smoker for your expanding barbecue business? It is one of the most innovative commercial smokers for restaurants who can produce delicious food with mouth-watering flavors. Commercial Smokers I Excel 20 2018. We are bringing real quality and great design at an affordable price. Like horizontal offset smokers, the vertical type consists of two units: A firebox and a vertical unit with cooking grates. Quality Materials and Quality workmanship go into every BBQ, Smoker and Grill we produce. Commercial Smokers I 24in RD Special Marshal Smoker. 30" Offset BBQ Smoker and Cooking Tower . The SC 512 Smoker is an Australian handcrafted barbecue that is big enough to feed any family or cater to your business’s needs. Where you find a competitor's lower price on the same stocked item, we'll beat it by 10 % Excludes trade quotes, stock liquidations, commercial quantities and MarketLink products. Commercial Smokers I 24in RD Special Marshal Smoker. This offset smoker also provides an easy-to-read digital control panel. Some smokers come with a temperature gauge to help you monitor the level of heat. This allows you to add more fuel without opening the cooking chamber and losing smoke and temperature, and the cooking chambers can be potentially very large for catering big groups. 20" Offset BBQ Smoker and Fire Box Grill. Easier cleaning and moving meat around. Commercial BBQs; Bar fridges; Wok burners. Join Now. With custom grate(12mm bar with 12mm gap). Compare. Here, you can browse gas smokers, electric smokers, charcoal/wood smokers, and smoking woods. 24" Offset BBQ Smoker and Cooking Tower. It allows you to adjust the temperature of the device with an increment of +/- 20 degrees Fahrenheit. It is smaller than most of the offset smokers that have been listed here. If you're looking for that authentic barbeque flavor, the Cookshack Fast Eddys FEC120 47” Commercial Smoker Oven featured with an offset firebox is a great choice that's made to last. December 27, 2020 by Mario Batali. Outfit your kitchen with BBQ smokers like wood-fired smokers, electric smokers, commercial sausage smokers, coal pit and pellet smokers, and offset smokers. Southern Pride offers three categories of equipment – Electric, Gas, and Mobile – with each providing a range of options to fit your individual needs. Back to top. Introduction to Offset Smokers. But keeping smoker looking nice outdoors can be challenging. Hark have a versatile range of BBQ smoker options for Perth cooks, including traditional charcoal & wood smokers and vertical gas smoker options. Check out our SC1100 commercial and even Australias Most Unique Barbecue the SC1100 “The Iron Maiden” weighing in at 4150kgs. We’ve teamed up with Big Don to help design the ultimate backyard standard flow smoker. The chamber is 450mm round x 1370mm long. Commercial Smokers I 16in Ranger Smoker. About Us; BBQ Smoker Courses; Catering; Latest News; Santa Maria Grill. Commercial Smokers I MMS60 H20 Water Smoker. Smokers. Ben Shewry Head Chef and owner of Attic Restaurant in Melbourne has cooked on a Yoder Smokers YS1500 Pellet since 2016. We’re excited to announce the inception of not only our own brand of smokers, but also a collaboration between ATD and Big Dons Smoked Meats. KBC C-60 is brilliant in every aspect from all the commercial smokers on the market. 20" Offset BBQ Smoker and Cooking Tower. This BBQ smoker oven features a digital control system to produce tender and moist barbeque across its spacious 1,955 square inches cooking area. All our barbecues are built for competition, commercial or just for your backyard. These grates are usually very easy to clean and strong enough to hold the heaviest of meats. KBQ C-60 BBQ Smoker Pit – Best Commercial BBQ Smoker. Santa Maria Grill – 1200; Pellet. Commercial Smokers. Sign up for our newsletter and get 10% off in the BBQ Pro Shop. This smoker can take your BBQ to the next level with its advanced and top of the line technology. 27 Inch 3mm Pellet Smoker; Custom. Used commercial smokers fuel types. 0427 225 733 ; Contact Us; CCS Face Book; facebook instagram.